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Entrance Exam Tuition

Our guides below are designed to help parents assess how much tuition they might need for each entrance exam.

7 Plus Tuition

As a general rule, the 7 Plus exam covers the Year 2 syllabus, with students usually being tested in Maths and English. 

The 7 Plus Maths paper features questions on curriculum areas such as number combinations, ordering, basic rounding and simple fractions. Students are usually expected to show competency with basic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 

For 7 Plus English, schools are looking for students to be writing accurately (spelling, punctuation and grammar) and imaginatively. They might also provide a text to which a response is required. A small number of schools include a Reasoning paper in their assessment.

11 Plus Tuition

The 11 Plus exam is challenging because applications often exceed the places on offer. 

Although it varies between schools, students usually sit exams in Maths (number, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, ratio, percentages, shape), English (spelling, grammar, comprehension, composition) and Reasoning (Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal reasoning) at 11 Plus. Reasoning tends to give the most difficulties at 11 Plus because it’s not covered in school.

There is some difference between the exams set by different schools. For example some use an externally set syllabus, while others devise their own exams. Others use a combination of third party materials and their own.

13 Plus Tuition

13 Plus Common Entrance Exam
Students usually sit the 13 Plus Common Entrance Exam in Year 8, with the main subjects being English, Maths and Science. Some schools write their own 13 Plus exams while others use an external syllabus. You might even find that your target school uses a combination of their own and third party materials. As a result it’s usually best to find out from each school the format of their 13 Plus exam before starting any preparation. Some students may also take the 13 Plus Common Pre-Test before the main 13 Plus exam.

13 Plus Common Pre-Test
The 13 Plus Common Entrance Pre-Test allows schools to assess the ability of applicants before they take the 13 Plus Common Entrance Exam. Some schools don’t use a pre-test though. The Pre-Tests usually involve exams in Maths and English although many include Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. The exam is often used to make a conditional offer to a student based on their performance in the later 13 Plus exam. The Pre-Test may be on paper or online depending on the school.

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