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We specialise in International Private Tutors for clients around the world.

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International Private Tutors


We can help you arrange long-term and short-term private tuition around the world on a full-time or part-time basis through our network of private tuition contacts. We can introduce you to private tuition providers that work with clients around the world that we think offer an outstanding service. The private tuition providers we work with have a reputation for delivering professional, results focused tuition.


Why Parents Choose The Sensible Tuition Company

We are Specialists
Unlike many other providers, we specialise in delivering outstanding private tuition rather than general education consultancy. This relentless focus on understanding private tuition means we have become expert at connecting clients with international private tuition providers that we think offer an exceptional service to clients located around the world.

We Get Results
We have a track record of students achieving outstanding educational outcomes. We are very comfortable being judged on our results. We’re also a UK-based company with experience helping clients located around the world that want a private tutor familiar with the UK curriculum.

Our Experience
Since 2010, we have worked with a large number of satisfied parents. Visit our testimonials page to see what they say.

Reasons for Working with an International Private Tutor

Parents choose to work with an International Private Tutor for a variety of reasons:

  • Relocation to/from the UK

  • Preparing for the UK independent school entrance exams

  • GCSE/A-level/IB exam preparation

  • Intensive holiday revision programmes

  • Family lifestyle or philosophy

  • Dissatisfaction with standard of local schools

  • Problems at school

  • To support a student who has fallen behind

  • Recovery from illness

  • Learning differences such as ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia or dyspraxia


Tutors Travel to You

Private tuition with an International Tutor is available around the world and all tutors travel to you.


What Does International Private Tuition Cost?

The providers we work with offer tuition from £65/hr.
Please note: Travel and subsistence charges may apply.


DBS Background Check

Tutors have a recent DBS (formerly CRB check)

Professional and Structured International Tuition

The Sensible Tuition Company believes private tuition works best when it is well-structured and lessons are prepared with thought and care as part of a planned programme of work. For example, following an initial assessment the providers we work with will plan a course of work that meets both the short term and long term goals of the family. They also regularly review and discuss progress with parents.

The professional approach that we value in the providers we work with reflects our aim to be considered the best private tuition company in London that can assist clients internationally through the providers it works with.

Did You Know?

100% of clients rated us 'outstanding', 'exceptional' or 'very good' in our most recent 2018 survey.


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